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  • With profound grief and sadness, we regret to inform you the sad demise of our beloved  Shri Avinash Vachaspati  (s/o Lt shri Dinesh Chander Vachaspati) who left for heavenly abode on 8th February 2016.
    Avinash vachaspati ko shradhanjali

    Shoksabha and Rasam pagdi will be held at 4 to 5 pm on Friday, 19 February 2016 at Swami Sivanada Bhawan , Amar Colony Lajpat Nagar - IV New Delhi 110024 (Near Amar Colony Market and Allahabad Bank) Nearest metro Station
    Kailash Colony

    Chander Prabha Rani (Mother)
    Sarvesh Vachaspati (Wife)
    Arvind Vachaspati & Sunita Vachaspati (Brother & sister-in-law)
    Mukul Vachaspati & Sarita Vachaspati (Brother & sister-in-law)
    Anshul Vachaspati & Parul Vachaspati (Son and daughter-in-law)
    Raman Vachaspati (Son)
    Sanchita Viyulie & Sunny Viyulie (Daughter and son-in-law)

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